Skilled Team started off as a Urban Terror team in April 2012 , then merged off into Battlefield which helped to be more known in the gaming world. We participated in several tournaments in different leagues for several years. Finally we decided to move on and created teams in different games such as CS:GO, PUBG, CoC.

The majority of our known players still playing around different PC games and if so, we are currently away from keyboard from participating in another competition.

We are waiting the right time to make the come back.

If you would like to get to know us more, Contact us!!


Our forum is currently inactive :( but don't worry you still can get in touch with us!

Contact us!!



So, what sT| stands for? It is Skilled Team and is our main game tag across different video pc games.

Where are we from? Basically, we have players all over the world. The clan has memebers mainly from Colombia and the United States. However, the founders are from Bogota and Cali.

We are focused on playing any FPS videogame on PC. We always aim to join CTF and TS tournaments. We have active members playing games such as: Urban Terror, Battlefield, CS:GO, CoC, PUBG.

Although we are not actively recruiting, a skilled player and a good app could earn you special consideration..

We hope to see you guys soon!

GL & HF!


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